Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Once again I've been a bit lazy on keeping this blog up to date. I have been contributing to the Juan Pelota Cafe blog so be sure you follow them for everything coffee and bike related. So to keep everyone up to date on what's been going on, I've been working on a new road bike build. Yes you read that correctly, I'm finally getting a geared bike. What kind you might ask? A Cinelli of course. Once the build is complete, I'll submit a post dedicated to the new family member. I also have a new website up for all my photography so be sure you have a look because I've been adding new pictures on a weekly basis; or trying to at least. You can also become a fan of my photography if you're on Facebook. Last but not least it's getting close to the Livestrong Challenge so I will be sure to post more information about it the closer we get to October. If you're looking for a team to join or just want to donate to a great cause you can do so by visiting our team page Team Notorious C.O.G.'s

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